Android Apps you can use to simplify your daily life

The Google Play store offers you a variety of applications that will help you organize your life.

In our current world, it seems that times just flies by; the requirements of work, family, and social life all take up time. Here you’ll find 5 apps that will help you get more out of your day.

  1. Google Calendar

    Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is an essential application. It simplifies your life gathering all relevant information about your contacts (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), as well as your important events (work meetings and others) in a schedule that you can consult from any Android device.

  2. AccuWeather


    AccuWeather is a utility application that shows detailed climate information on your smartphone. Getting out of your home ready for a sunny day or a day of intense rain certainly helps.

  3. Pomodroido Pro: Pomodoro Timer

    Pomodroido Pro: Pomodoro Timer

    Talking about making good use of your time… hundreds of thousands of people use Pomodroido Pro: Pomodoro Timer to make full use of their time. This simple timer will help you concentrate and be more productive. You can customize this app, adapting it to your work style.

  4. Pocket


    Pocket is a news application that lets you save virtually anything it finds on the Web; you can then consult this information whenever you have time. Ideal for those who work using the Internet.

  5. RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

    RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

    RedLaser is an application to find deals. When you go shopping and scan a product’s barcode, the app shows you a list with the prices of these products in other shops. Seize the opportunity to make at least one good purchase!

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