The Best Android apps for taking a perfect selfie

We now offer a selection of the best Android selfie photography apps.

Everybody is talking about selfies… It has become common to take pictures of yourself with your smartphone’s front camera and to publish it on social networks – actors, singers, politicians and millions of users all over the world have succumbed to this habit. We now recommend you the best selfie apps.

  1. Retrica - camera for selfies

    Retrica – camera for selfies

    With Retrica and its large number of filters you can achieve the perfect selfie which you have always dreamed about. Take the photographs directly from the app and modify colors, add filters and effects, and share it on social networks

  2. Perfect365: Best Face Makeup

    Perfect365: Best Face Makeup

    Perfect 365 is a highly recommended app for selfies, since after taking the photograph you can correct errors applying virtual makeup effects. You can apply effects such as providing a treatment to skin, mouth, eyes, and even change the shape of the face.

  3. Frontback


    Frontback is a photography app that lets you take a photograph with the front camera, another one with the back camera, and combine both into a single image. Thus, your selfie will show both you and the environment where you have taken the selfie, such as a beach, a feast with friends, etc.

  4. Candy Camera for PhotoShop

    Candy Camera for PhotoShop

    CandyCamera – Filter Beauty Cam is a very popular app to take selfies. It has over 30 filters that allow diverse editing options, including controlling the contrast, saturation and resolution. It offers easy and convenient editing to get the most beautiful photographs.

  5. Selfie camera -Vintage grunge

    Selfie camera -Vintage grunge

    A photography app that stands out through its unique and surprising filters. Selfie Cam – Vintage edition offer over 100 filters: grunge, sepia, black and white, unicolor and much more. Take your selfies and share them with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

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