The best Android apps to follow the World Cup 2014

We have begun the countdown to the World Cup in Brazil so have we listed four excellent apps all sport fans will need to keep them up to date.
With less than two weeks to go before kick-off we have listed some of the best apps to help you stay up to date with all the news, fixtures and scores from the most anticipated sporting event of the year.
  1. World Cup Brazil 2014

    World Cup Brazil 2014

    The World Cup Brazil app will give you all the relevant news and schedules alongside match fixtures. As a bonus it supplies a list of past winners Also Provides links and videos.

  2. FIFA


    The FIFA app covers 197 football leagues worldwide and can be personalized to deliver the right news to you. The app provides extensive world cup coverage with match schedules, team profiles and destination guides.

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  4. THE Football App

    THE Football App

    This app is for football fans all year round. It covers 60 international football leagues and all the major tournaments. You can expect world cup fixtures and live scores, live commentary, statistics, interviews, videos and more.

  5. 365Scores:Sports Scores & News

    365Scores:Sports Scores & News

    Have access to live tables, fixtures and live match statistics in this ultimate sports app. Watch videos of goals just five minutes after it has happened. Customize your push notifications.

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