Android Market: How to Download Android Market, Free

Here we’ll explain step by step how to download the Android Market app. But before I tell you, let me share the reasons why it may be helpful to install this app.

If you have a device with an older version of the Android operating system, you cannot install any of the new applications from Google Play. Android Market is specifically designed to optimize the search for other apps for smartphones and tablets running Android version 3.0 (Honeycomb).

With Android Market installed on your device, it will be more efficient search of widgets, games and apps for Android 3.0. It will be easy to explore the more than 150,000 games and apps  available for that version of the Google mobile OS.

In the same way that you can download games and other applications on AndroidOut via Google Play, to download Android Market on your Android 3.0 device, start by clicking here. The link will redirect you to the description of the app we wrote for you. There, click the “Free Download” button.

Android Market Android   Free Download Android Market App   Google Inc.

Immediately, you will be redirected to a page that will offer you three different ways to download. Click on the button that says GOOGLE PLAY DOWNLOAD.

Download Android Market by email and QR code   Android

Already on the Google Play website, press the button “Install”. And presto! The Android Market application will be installed on your device.

Donwload Android Markett Google Play


Important: If you haven’t logged in or don’t yet have a Google account, a message will appear asking you to create one. Follow the instructions in the email to create an account on Google or login with an existing account.

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