The best Android games of 2014, according to Google Play

Recently, Google has published its list of the best apps and the best games for Android for the year 2014.The complete list of Android games is quite varied (and even includes the Kim Kardashian game); it is made up of 102 games and is visible, in its entirety, only in the United States and Europe, while in South America the list shows 94. In this post, we’ve selected the 10 best from this list. There is also a list corresponding to the best Android apps for 2014. But here we show you the top 10 games that stand out in the selection made by Google. You can see the complete list of games chosen by Google, by clicking here.
  1. Monument Valley

    Monument Valley

    This is a strategy game in which you must help princess Ida to go through the chapters, moving the different items in each scenery. Price: Paid.

  2. Don't Tap The White Tile

    Don’t Tap The White Tile

    In this challenge of mental agility and reflexes, every time you touch the screen a new note of a beautiful piano song is revealed. Price: Free.

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  4. Trivia Crack

    Trivia Crack

    Invite a friend to a fun game that tests your knowledge about art, science, sports, entertainment, geography and history – and show that you are the cleverest! Price: Free.

  5. Brain Wars

    Brain Wars

    With Brain Wars you can do everything at once: challenge your friends in a game of cognitive abilities, show everybody how good you are by rising on the worldwide ranking, while training your brain with games and improving your memory and calculation skills. Price: Free.

  6. Leo's Fortune

    Leo’s Fortune

    A platform adventure in which you must follow the trail of a mysterious thief who has stolen your gold. An epic adventure in which you go through sceneries that have good graphics. Price: Paid.

  7. Thomas Was Alone

    Thomas Was Alone

    Thomas is a curious rectangle, and the game consists in unravelling the mysteries of its existence in a strange and marvelous world. Price: Paid.

  8. Sky Force 2014

    Sky Force 2014

    Fly over enemy territory to destroy tanks, ships, and any other war vehicles that try to cross your path. Price: Free.

  9. Flick Shoot 2

    Flick Shoot 2

    You have to shoot as many goals as you can; you must aim at the poles and squares to get a higher scores; as you level up, the goalkeeper gets better. Price: Free.

  10. Shadow Fight 2

    Shadow Fight 2

    Shadow Fight 2 is a combination of role-playing game and classic fighting. You can use innumerable weapons and armor. It has numerous martial arts techniques, realistically animated, to spend some time of pure adrenaline. Price: Free.

  11. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    You are in charge of a football team, controlling all of its aspects, such as purchasing players, organizing the setup and playing the games. Price: Free.

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