Best VPN App For Android – Browse More Securely

Have you ever tried to stream something online only to be told you’re in the wrong country to do so? Well worry no more! With a VPN, or virtual private network, you can securely browse the Internet while ‘tricking’ your connection to appear to be from another country.  Perfect for streaming when you’re abroad.
  1. Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

    Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

    First on our list is HotSpot Shield.  This is a great app that you can activate with 1 simple click, then you’re safe and able to access location-restricted content, as well as mask your IP address.

  2. SuperVPN Free VPN Client

    SuperVPN Free VPN Client

    Access geographically restricted sites and protect yourself from 3rd party tracking; keep your details private, encrypt your Internet use, and unblock websites currently unavailable though your service provider.

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  4. Hideman VPN

    Hideman VPN

    Mask your IP address and surf the web securely. I have personally used this app and highly reccommend it; try it out to see if you can manage with the 5 free hours per week limit, although you can earn more within the app.

  5. Vpn One Click

    Vpn One Click

    Fully encrypt your connection so you don’t have to worry when you are online.  Similar to the other apps mentioned, although this comes with a very large selection of foreign servers to choose from.

  6. DroidVPN - Android VPN

    DroidVPN – Android VPN

    Another great app is DroidVPN, although you are capped to 100MB per day without a subscription; it is perfect for securely browsing the web and depending on your needs, could be just what you need.

Best VPN Apps to Access any Blocked Website on Android
Best VPN Apps to Access any Blocked Website on Android

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