Best Android Games For Kids – Always Keep Them Entertained

If you have kids, then you no doubtedly love the moments of peace and quiet while they are playing or sleeping.But don’t worry if you don’t have moments of peace and quiet, we have you covered to keep them entertained and give yourself a well deserved break.  Check out the apps below and your kids will quietly sit and enjoy.
  1. My Talking Angela

    My Talking Angela

    Follow the growth of a very cute cat from kitten to adulthood. Take care of its feeding, bath it and give it affection. A great game that is fun for boys or girls to play, although if you prefer Tom you can get him here.

  2. SpongeBob Diner Dash

    SpongeBob Diner Dash

    Help Spongebob manage the restaurant and keep everything in order. Be precise when getting customers, serve them quickly and clean their dishes.
    Give the customer the best possible service before they get upset.

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  4. Maternity Doctor -Newborn Baby

    Maternity Doctor -Newborn Baby

    A great game for kids to help look after a woman who is soon to be a mother.  Help take care of her with the use of tools and equipment and help out when the baby is born.

  5. Farm Town: lovely pets day

    Farm Town: lovely pets day

    Tend to your own farm with this fun game.  Plant crops and vegetables and raise all sorts of animals along the way.  Transform your farm into a bustling empire and invite friends to come visit!

  6. Ginger's Birthday

    Ginger’s Birthday

    Ginger’s Birthday is an entertaining game in which you can interact with a kitten feeding it and/or blowing out candles on the birthday cake.
    You can write sentences and make the kitten repeat them.  Great for kids.

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