5 Great Video Media Apps For Your Smartphone

Turn your Android device into a movie streaming machine!  You have a great device, use it for more.Whether you have a tablet or a phone, the below apps are fun and allow you to watch movies or stream videos from your device.
  1. Vine


    Vine is a multimedia and social network app with which you can create videos of up to five seconds and share them.
    The app provides tools to create and edit videos that are posted on the Internet.

  2. Dubsmash


    Dubsmash lets you record videos of yourself with voice over of famous phrases so that you can share with your friends on Whatsapp or Facebook messenger.  A very funny app that is great for all users.

  3. [adsense]
  4. BBC Media Player

    BBC Media Player

    If you are based in the UK, you can use this app to stream hundreds of shows and videos straight to your Android device.  A great wonderful app that is not to be missed!

  5. VLC for Android

    VLC for Android

    If you download or transfer films or video files to your device, then you need VLC.  It supports almost every single file type and plays them beautifully, especially on HD tablets.

  6. Free Movies

    Free Movies

    Connect your device with a huge database of over 5000 movies.  Simply find the one you want to watch, click it and away you go.  Instant, free streaming at your fingertips.  Any movie-fan would love this.

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