Best Android Launchers To Customize Your Device!

Once you’ve got the hang of how your device works, you might decide you’d like to customize and change things.
With the launchers below, you can do just that.  Easily change the interface of your device, from orginal icons, 3D animations and cool widgets, plus loads more features that will breath some life into your device! 
  1. Nova Launcher Prime

    Nova Launcher Prime

    Prime Nova Launcher is a customization tool that lets you change your mobile device’s interface with original icons and widgets, among other functions.  You can even hide app icons that you don’t use often or at all.

  2. Next Launcher 3D Shell

    Next Launcher 3D Shell

    This great tool includes amazing effects and 3D elements and a futuristic look for your mobile device.
    It includes 3D effects and animations, icons, different topics, shortcuts, widgets, themes and animated 3D wallpapers.

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  4. GO Launcher EX

    GO Launcher EX

    This is one of the best apps for customization that lets you change the look and optimize some features of your Android device.  You must try this out if you’re getting bored with your current interface!

  5. ADWLauncher EX

    ADWLauncher EX

    Finally, you can change the interface of Android devices, including the older generations.
    It offers several theme options and supports other launchers and is crammed with loads of great features.  

  6. Smart Launcher 2

    Smart Launcher 2

    Similar to the others on this list, Smart Launcher is lightweight, fast and simple, so it is ideal for users who don’t want to use the memory of their Android device.  Best of all it’s completely free to use.

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