5 Great Sports Apps For Android!

If you’re a fan of sports, whether its soccer or pool, then chances are you enjoy playing sport games too.
Below are just five of the great sport games out for Android, but they’re definitely worth a look and should provide you with hours of fun. So take a look, have a play and most importantly, enjoy.
  1. NBA General Manager 2015

    NBA General Manager 2015

    You’re the coach of an NBA team, feeling all of the adrenaline and responsibility to lead your players to victory! You should select the best players possible and train them to perfect their skills. Perfect for basketball fans.

  2. Big Win Football 2015

    Big Win Football 2015

    Basketball not for you? Try out some American Football, and see if you can lead your team to glory! Assemble a team of star athletes to train and take on the league with. Loads of fun to be had with this game.

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  4. Madden NFL Mobile

    Madden NFL Mobile

    Next up is the Madden series. They’re great games that are well desgined and are crammed with features. Dominate your friends in head-to-head shootouts and create your own legendary team. What are you waiting for?


  5. 8 Ball Pool

    8 Ball Pool

    What better way to unwind and relax than a great game of pool! I personally love games like this, they’re easy to play and enjoy and provide hours of fun. You can even play online against your friends!

  6. New Star Soccer

    New Star Soccer

    Live the life of an aspiring football player and work your way to the top of the game. Train your football player hard, play the games, score goals, pass well and keep the manager, your team mates and the fans happy.

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