5 free apps every Android smartphone should have!

With the huge amount of apps out there today, it can be hard to figure out what’s good and what’s not
But worry not, here are five great apps that every Android user might find useful. From transport to note-taking, we have included a little bit for everyones needs. Of course these are just a handful of the thousands available, so if you don’t find one for you, it is extremely easy to browse through the categories here on AndroidOut to find other great apps just like these!
  1. Better Diary (Journal, Notes)

    Better Diary (Journal, Notes)

    If you ever have thoughts pop into your head but nowhere to write them down then this is perfect for you. Capture your experiences, thoughts, ideas and everything else, Better Diary is a diary you can easily write on. 

  2. Kindle


    Everyone has heard of Kindle by now, but if you haven’t, then it’s an e-book reader from Amazon, and this app allows you to read thousands of books from your device, anywhere in the world. A must-have for avid readers!

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  4. PayPal


    With this great app from PayPal, you can access your account and make all financial transactions from your device. It’s safe, reliable and secure, so if you use your device for purchases, consider PayPal.

  5. Retrica


    Make your photographs more stylish and beautiful with the special filters and editing tools offered by Retrica. There are dozens of filters of various themes and styles. You can even share your photos on social networks!

  6. Uber


    Uber is a great app that helps you make a road trip with a personal chauffeur who can pick you up and drop you off, anytime. Unlike taxi services, you know exactly how much the trip will cost and is paid via the app.

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