Best Lock Screen Apps for your Android Phone

Android lock screens underwent a significant evolution over the years and nowadays, Google Play store offers a huge range of diverse lock screen apps and  wallpapers to satisfy our desire for personalized and unique devices.
Thanks to these apps, a lock screen can do so much more than just show off your favorite photos. It also acts as a major tool for navigation allowing you to access the most important aspects of your Android.
Below are some of the best lock screen apps on the market, so check them out and explore your creative side!
  1. Tattoo Locker - Custom Locker

    Tattoo Locker – Custom Locker

    This DYI Locker is a particularly fun option as it allows you to design your own lock screen using your own photos or images as well as those built into the app. You can also change the colors, the sizes and even design your own unlock pattern or photo-unlock.

  2. Unlock Your Brain

    Unlock Your Brain

    This app – formerly known as Unlock Your Brain – changes unlocking your phone into a valuable brain teaser by giving you simple math and vocab exercises every time you unlock your phone. But don’t worry, if you can’t solve the problem or don’t feel like it, you can skip the question and unlock with a code.

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  4. GO Locker

    GO Locker

    No 1 downloaded locker app on Google Play, GO Locker offers quite possibly the largest and most varied selection of themes than any other lock screen app (some free, some paid). It also lets you chose which apps you want to access quickly and a wide range of ways to unlock your device.

  5. AcDisplay


    Next, we have this very cool minimalist lock screen, which despite its basic layout is pretty useful. Why? If you receive a message or any kind of notification, little icons will pop up allowing you to get a grasp of all your notifications with just one look. You can also take advantage of your device’s sensors by turning off automatically when put into your pocket.

  6. SlideLock


    SlideLock, is the perfect choice for those who just switched from iPhone to Android, as this screen is very similar to the iPhone slide & unlock access.  Also, you can receive all of your notifications directly on your lock screen, which can be opened or dismissed by tapping or swiping.

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