Best Apps to Enjoy the UK Football League from Start to Play-offs

With the kickoff to the new season just around the corner, the 8th of August to be exact, there is no better time to discover some great apps to help you get the most from the season. We’ve listed an array of apps to keep you entertained, informed and immersed within the footballing world.

So whether you’re a diehard fan or just switch on a game for the Champions League final or major derby match, you’re sure to find something of interest below. And if you use a great app then please let us know in the comments below!

  1. The Sun Dream Team

    The Sun Dream Team

    To start off our list, we have The Sun Dream Team, a wonderful app which let’s you build your own football team with players from every Premier League team. From there you can join leagues with your friends and see who is the best. You also have a chance to win some serious money while being involved with every game.

  2. Sky Go

    Sky Go

    If you’re currently a Sky subscriber then you should definitely take advantage of their Sky Go app! Depending on your subscription, you can stream live sports straight to your Android smartphone or tablet so you never miss a game.

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  4. Sky Sports for Android

    Sky Sports for Android

    This is a must-have app for any football fan. It is instantly updated with the latest news, and provides real-time scores and updates on match day. The perfect addition to your app library!

  5. Football Chairman Pro

    Football Chairman Pro

    Think you have what it takes to build a successful football club from the ground up? This game is immensely addictive and has great detail and features to ensure you’re satisfied. And if you want to whet your appetite for free then check out this lite version.

  6. Premier League Away Days

    Premier League Away Days

    Finally, we have this wonderful app, designed by the premier league for fans travelling to away games. It provides stadium information, pubs to drink in, best transport options and you can get discounts at places too.

So now you can have a powerful arsenal of apps to really indulge the football madness, all that’s left to do is mark the days down on the calendar.

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