Best Mobile Themes to Perk Up your Summer

There’s nothing worse than growing tired of your device after owning it for a while. And while some opt to purchase a brand new one with the odd feature addition, we have another solution.

The answer is to install and apply new themes to your Android. The drastic change which can occur by altering the theme or is amazing, and really breathes some fresh air into your device. While the list below focuses mainly on themes, you can also give your smartphone or tablet a facelift by changing the wallpaper or even the keyboard, so if that interests you click the links provided and transform your device today!

  1. ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

    ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

    Now I know I just said this list will focus on themes, but Zedge is an app that has to make any customization list. It’s immensely popular and offers huge options to customize everything from your ringtone to your screen, allowing you to fiddle and play until your happy.

  2. Hola Launcher

    Hola Launcher

    Not only does Hola Launcher provide hundreds of themes to choose from, but its an insanely small file size that hardly scratches the surface when it comes to memory usage. Compared with apps like GO Launcher, the memory saving is more than appreciated.

  3. APUS Launcher-Small,Fast,Boost

    APUS Launcher-Small,Fast,Boost

    Another great, small launcher is the Apus Launcher. Similar in most ways to the Hola one mentioned above, but both offer different theme packs. So your best bet is to download them both and see if they have something that catches your eye. A bonus of this launcher is that you can easily operate battery saving and icon organization, helping your device become more efficient.

  4. CM Locker

    CM Locker

    Enough about launchers, this great app helps protect your device from prying eyes while offering you an array of personalization choices. Add to that weather updates and cool battery charging animations and you have a very useful app that will brighten up your summertime and revamp your Android.

  5. icon dress-up free ★ icoron

    icon dress-up free ★ icoron

    So now that you can add cool, uplifting themes to your device, you might be thinking that you’re set for the summer. That might be true for the most part, but not before downloading this wonderful gem. Admittedly it’s not a theme, rather an app which allows you to transform all of your icons to something more fitting. Perfect for anyone who really wants to make their device less generic.

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