Keep on Top of your Favourite Fashion Brands like Forever 21!

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There has never been a better time to shop for new clothes. Thanks to the marvels of technology, we can search through huge wardrobes of our favorite fashion outlets without having to get out of bed.

On top of that you’ll be the first to know about the hot offers, and it’s extremely convenient to use your Android device for shopping. No longer will you fall in love with a dress that isn’t in your size or have to queue for half an hour because only one till is available.

Make all of your friends envious that you have the latest summer trend before them, all with just the tap of your finger. So, check out the list below and start expanding your collection today. And of course, if you have a hidden gem of an app which you shop with, make sure to let us all know in the comments!

  1. Forever 21

    Forever 21

    With this wonderful app, you really do have a huge array of options at your fingertips. You can easily locate the nearest Forever 21 stores, browse and shop online, play games, discover great offers and more. A must-have app for shopaholics and casual shoppers alike.

  2. H&M


    The H&M app works as a shortcut to the store catalog from your Android device and lets you view, at any time and anywhere, the latest fashion trends. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, you can also find money-saving promotions and search for a store near you.

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  4. Zara


    If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion, as well as find complements for men, then you need the Zara app. You can shop online and manage your orders all from within the app.


  5. Hollister So Cal Style

    Hollister So Cal Style

    Want a fully interactive experience? With this app you can scan your favorite clothing styles in-store and the app will build customized looks with style tips and photos. Combine that with streaming the coolest music from their playlist and also shop online, the Hollister app is a gem to have on your Android device.

  6. AE


    Finally, we have this great app. It’s packed with exclusive content to keep you in the know on all the new trends and gives you the tools you need to shop however you want. You can create your own custom looks, scan items and much more.


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