What is the best video calling app for Android?

Mobiles are no longer just for sending texts and calling people, they’ve evolved tremendously in the last few years, and so has chatting with your friends. Video calling our friends and family is growing more and more popular, leading us to the question, exactly what is the best app for video calling?

Your Android smartphone or tablet can access a wealth of cool apps for video calling, but with all of the good apps, bad ones also follow. The five apps below are all fantastic options for your social needs so try them out and see what is best for you.
  1. Skype - free IM & video calls

    Skype – free IM & video calls

    Skype is a fantastic social app that has to make any list of top apps for video calling. It boasts tons of features, you can video call, send messages, just voice chat, call mobiles and international numbers at low rates and have group conversations. To make video calls both parties need to have Skype and an account, but it’s free and very simple. A must-have app for any Android.

  2. Tango Messenger, Video & Calls

    Tango Messenger, Video & Calls

    Next up is Tango, a great app that doesn’t require you to sign up to use it. You can make free calls and have quirky text conversations with fun animations. It’s completely free and anyone using it can call each other using WiFi or your data plan.

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  4. Viber


    Another option which is similar to Tango, users can easily communicate with each other through video calling and text conversations. It’s free, simple and a great app to consider when thinking of what app to use.

  5. imo free video calls and text

    imo free video calls and text

    This app is probably the easiest of all the apps in this list to actually make video calls. The interface makes it really simple to choose a contact and call them. It might not be as complex as some of the others, and there’s no way of hiding contacts you don’t want to talk to, but for a simple way to video chat, imo is a fantastic option.


  6. Glide - Video Chat Messenger

    Glide – Video Chat Messenger

    Lastly we have Glide which is slightly different than all of the other apps mentioned. It’s unique because you send video messages back and forth and can reply as and when you feel like it. It’s perfect for people who don’t have time to sit down for half an hour and chat while also giving you the video conversation aspect the other apps have.

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