4 Handiest Alternatives to Facebook App for Android



Facebook is one of the most successful and biggest social networks in the world right now, but that doesn’t mean the app is perfect. It drains your battery, eats your memory, requires practically every permission in the book and in return you get an app which is half decent but falls way short of where it should be.

The good thing is that Android developers figured this out pretty quickly and released ‘wrappers’ which offer you the full Facebook experience but without some of the setbacks that the official app offers. Take a look below, try one or two out (or all of them) and see if you notice a huge change in the battery life of your device.
  1. Tinfoil for Facebook

    Tinfoil for Facebook

    First up we have Tinfoil. This lightweight application is similar to Metal (which we’ll talk about shortly) and allows access to your Facebook account without the privacy invasion. It basically gives you access to the mobile site and is easy to use, effective and does it’s job wonderfully.

  2. Hermit for Facebook & WhatsApp

    Hermit for Facebook & WhatsApp

    Hermit is a brilliant option as it not only acts as a wrapper for Facebook, but for practically any website that exists. It’s fluid, crisp and well thought-out. If you’re looking for a wrapper to access Facebook then this should definitely have a chance.

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  4. Klyph for Facebook

    Klyph for Facebook

    Next up is Klyph for Facebook. If you don’t mind the battery consumption or even the permissions needed for the regular Facebook app, but are tired of the boring, unoriginal layout then Klyph is for you. It’s still incredibly lightweight and uses less battery and the lot, but it has a modern theme which helps it stand out from the crowd.

  5. Metal for Facebook

    Metal for Facebook

    Finally we have Metal. This was kind of designed based around Tinfoil, so the two are very similar. The added bonus to Metal is that you can enable a notification shader to inform you of activity. Add lower RAM consumption, a lot more privacy and a streamlined interface and you have all you could want.

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