Best Puzzle Games for Android that will stretch your limits!



Puzzle games have been around from the beginning of time, or at least from when gaming was initially introduced into the world. They challenge our brains, tease our memories and frustrate our minds but ultimately they provide hours of entertainment.

With the introduction of smartphones and Android tablets, puzzle games were given a new lease of life as adventure and action seemed to overtake the mainstream gaming options. We take a look at 5 of the best puzzles games available for Android that’ll leave you wanting more and feeling mentally satisfied.
  1. World of Goo

    World of Goo

    World of Goo has to be up there as one of the best puzzle games made. Its premise is simple, you have to use goo balls to create a bridge or structure to a vacuum which sucks the remaining Goo to safety. There’s a fun story, it’s bursting with character and the scenes are stunning.

  2. Monument Valley

    Monument Valley

    Next is Monument Valley. It’s absolutely stunning and the soundtrack is just as fitting. The aim is to help Princess Ida move through the chapters by moving and manipulating the environment. It’s a bit short but well worth the play through and the puzzles never ‘really’ frustrate you.

  3. LIMBO


    No puzzle list would be right without Limbo involved. It’s a dark puzzle game where you play a child searching for his sister who has got lost in Limbo. You’ll need to use your wits as the puzzles get increasingly more difficult. Graphically it looks beautiful, the gameplay is smooth and its only downfall is the length.

  4. The Room Three

    The Room Three

    The Room Three is the latest addition to the series and it doesn’t disappoint. Puzzles seem to get intertwined with puzzles that are then woven nicely within other puzzles. You need to get through a series of rooms through puzzle solving and finding objects and is loads of fun. It also boasts different endings giving it a sense of replayability.

  5. Little Inferno

    Little Inferno

    On the surface, Little Inferno looks so simple. It has a charm about it which keeps you intrigued as you try to discover a purpose in what you’re doing. It’s full of thought-provoking stuff as you’re encouraged to burn your toys and objects. Little Inferno is well worth playing and is full of symbolic ideas.

    There’s our list of 5 great puzzle games, and in case we’ve missed any, let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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