Best Android Games of April 2016 like Batman v Superman and Smashy City


Gaming is something which grows and consumes every drop of boredom that we may ever experience. From casual action shooters all the way to completely immersive, story-driven titles that make us fall in love with every pixel that is beautifully displayed to us.

Now while most Android games might not share the same amount of beauty or quality as something you might enjoy on your latest console, Android does offer some fantastic titles to play through. Take a look at the list below to discover 5 great new games for April and see if you find yourself engrossed and losing track of time.
  1. Bakery Blitz: Cooking Game

    Bakery Blitz: Cooking Game

    First on our list is Bakery Blitz. It’s a fast-paced game where you run your own bakery and need to keep up with the demand of your goods. Serve delicious goodies and unlock power-ups to help you along the way. It’s addictive and full of entertainment.

  2. Faily Brakes

    Faily Brakes

    Faily Breaks is a gorgeous game. The principle is that your car lost the ability to brake and now you are endless hurtling down a mountain side. You need to dodge trees, cars, trains and all sorts of obstacles to try and get as far as you can, collecting coins for new cars.

  3. Smashy City

    Smashy City

    What’s more fun than becoming a giant monster? Becoming a giant monster who lives purely to destroy everything. Each time you play the world is randomly created and you get to smash and break every aspect of it. You can unlock new monsters and the army do try and put a spanner in the works (by shooting you).

  4. Fashion Story Spring Steampunk

    Fashion Story Spring Steampunk

    Perfectly suited for anyone who enjoys simulation games, Fashion Story puts you in the shoes of a store owner who needs to keep shelves stocked with the latest trends and sell, sell, sell as you dominate your business. It’s fun, free and great for younger minds too.

  5. Batman v Superman Who Will Win

    Batman v Superman Who Will Win

    Batman V Superman. Need I say more? Not surprisingly this game as absolutely stunning. Graphically it is just beautiful. The concept is a bit like Temple Run or Lane Splitter. You can choose either Batman or Superman and you’ll need to race as far as you can while dodging obstacles. You can buy power-ups by collecting coins and is a great game to enjoy.

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