Best 5 Android Gallery Apps to Manage Your Photos!

Best 5 Android Gallery Apps

Thanks to the development of smartphones, everyone can capture amazing HD photos with very little effort. Selfies have taken over the world and more and more people are doing their own photography.

While it’s all good being able to snap an amazing landscape or grab that selfie with you and your high-school friends, it’s always better if your Android device has a decent gallery app to help you manage all of your images. Luckily we’ve found 5 great apps that will help you do just that. Take a look at the list below and if your favorite isn’t listed then make sure to drop it in the comments so we can all check it out!
  1. Piktures Gallery Photo & Video

    Piktures Gallery Photo & Video

    We start off with Piktures. It’s an app which should be on the device of anyone who enjoys taking photos. It’s free, boasts some great features and is absolutely gorgeous to look at. It also allows you to hide certain albums if you want to keep some things private.

  2. Gallery Vault-Hide Video&Photo

    Gallery Vault-Hide Video&Photo

    Speaking of hiding things, Gallery Vault offers privacy unlike any other app. You can hide photos and albums, password protect everything and even hide the icon of the app so it’s as if it doesn’t exist. Only you’ll know how to access it making it a must-have for people wanting a tool for privacy and security.

  3. F-Stop Media Gallery

    F-Stop Media Gallery

    F-Stop Media Gallery is a wonderful little app that is extremely under-rated. It’s simple with a great interface and packs some powerful features under the hood. You can add tags to your photos, search for them based on metadata and even organize them with the Smart Albums feature.

  4. Focus


    Focus is another great alternative to the normal gallery app that is supplied with your device. It’s absolutely brilliant. Focus is packed with features that you’ll constantly be discovering. You can even lock away and hide your more ‘sensitive’ photos to stop prying eyes seeing your…happy snaps.

  5. Photos


    There’s a reason Google tends to dominate every market it sticks its little fingers into. Whatever they do, they do well. Google Photos is no exception. It allows you to store all of your media in their cloud, as much of it as you want which is great if you find yourself running out of storage.

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