Best 5 Emulators for Android Devices



Even though technology is advancing in ways that allow games to look incredibly realistic and absolutely gorgeous, there are many of us who enjoy rewinding time and playing some of the retro adventure stuff on offer.

There are a couple of ways to do this, but the easiest to download an emulator app for your Android device. This will let you run your retro classics from your device with little difficulty. Whether you love the GameBoy Advance for maybe even further back than that such as the Nes. Take a look at this list below and see what tickles your fancy.
  1. GBA Emulator

    GBA Emulator

    We’ll start off with the GBA emulator. There are a few out there, some are free some are paid and some are absolute rubbish regardless. This, however, has had close to 1 million downloads and easily plays your old classics such as Pokemon or Mario.

  2. Pretendo N64 Emulator

    Pretendo N64 Emulator

    If you’re a Nintendo fan, and let’s face it why wouldn’t you be, then you’ll want to N64 emulator for your collection. This is a stable app with almost no glitching and games run smoothly on it. What more could you want?

  3. PPSSPP - PSP emulator

    PPSSPP – PSP emulator

    Taking a break from Nintendo, we have the Sony PSP. Graphically the games improve a lot compared to the GBA and you could be playing Grand Theft Auto from the palm of your hand. You’ll need to download the games though which take up a lot of room so it might be worth investing in an extra SD card.

  4. NES.emu Free

    NES.emu Free

    Some of you might not have heard of the NES but it was a classic console for gaming. This app helps bring your favorite games back to life and it runs effortlessly. There is a paid version if you’d prefer no ads but that’s down to preference.

  5. gGens(MD)


    Lastly, we have gGens. This app allows your to relive those great childhood games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Aladdin from your fingertips. You can find roms to download from within the app and everything works practically to perfection.

    So there are 5 great emulators for Android devices to enjoy your favorite action or RPGs on. It’s worth pointing out that you’ll need to download the ROM’s to play the game. A rom is like a virtual version of the game, so for example to play Pokemon Fire Red, you’d need to download the rom version first.

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