5 best games for kids from 18 months and older!


The idea of giving your baby, toddler or child your fancy Android tablet or smartphone might not sound all that appealing. Especially when you factor in the dirty, sticky fingers that spread paint or food over that once shiny screen, the careless dropping or throwing around like an action figure or piece of Lego, and the potential for them to accidentally call your boss and make some ‘ga ga’ noises down the phone.

Putting all of that aside (as there are counter measures you can make for some of it), such as adding parental controls, Android devices can actually be incredibly helpful for your children. Along with the common entertainment that will no doubt keep them quiet and happy, a lot of apps today are also incredibly educational and can actually become a great tool for parents to use to help improve the learning skills of their babies or kids. So read on below for 5 great games for young kids to enjoy and learn from. 
  1. Educational games for kids

    Educational games for kids

    First up, is the rather self-explanatory Educational Games for Kids. It’s packed with different games that help stimulate different parts of your child’s brain to help enhance their memory and learn basic ideas from instruments to animals to more complicated issues and challenges. It’s a great addition and although it might not excel perfectly in each of the individual sectors, there is a lot of variety. 
    Great for all ages!

  2. Learning Letters Puppy

    Learning Letters Puppy

    Another rather self-explanatory member of this list. If you want to help your toddler or baby start learning letters and remembering them then this app is the way to go. It’s a fun game that is engaging and interactive that allows youngsters to get involved and enjoy their learning.

    Aimed at toddlers.

  3. Baby First Words: 18+ Months

    Baby First Words: 18+ Months

    Okay, so you might have gathered that most items on this list are a little self-explanatory from their titles, but let’s not let that detract from their quality. Baby First Words 18+ Months is a fantastic learning game that helps babies start learning their first words. There are also loads of other learning games available from the developer, Androbaby, which includes first word apps for younger or older babies too. Check them out and you won’t be disappointed with the vast range of games available.

    Babies 18 months and higher.

  4. Ant Smasher, Best Free Game

    Ant Smasher, Best Free Game

    Educational..? Not so much. Loads of fun..? Definitely. Ant Smasher is a game which has been around from the very early days of Android apps and games. The concept is simple, you have to tap on the ants that invade your screen to squash them. You’ll gain points but as the difficulty increases you’ll find that you get overrun and ultimately fail. If you’re a baby or toddler however, you won’t care. You’ll just want to tap all over the screen without really worrying too much about the impending doom that you face if you don’t smash the ants. It’s fun and simple. What more could you want?

    Suitable for all ages (although there is the fantasy concept of squashing ants).


  5. Easy Drawing for Kids

    Easy Drawing for Kids

    Last up we have Easy Drawing for Kids. This game aims at increasing the creativity and artistic ability of your child by allowing them to learn how to draw cartoons that look great yet are very simple to complete. It is more suitable for children with slightly higher attention spans than some younger toddlers but if you think your child can concentrate and is patient, you’ll find some great results.

    More suitable for toddlers aged 3 and higher.

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