Premier League & La Liga are back: Best apps to follow your favourite teams this season



The time is almost upon us for the magic sport of football to return to our lives. Yes, we had the Euro 2016 tournament to satisfy our needs for a few weeks in June and the Olympic Games have just begun, but nothing is ever quite as good as the Premier League or La Liga competitions. England has one of the best leagues in the world, and you can watch the season begin on the 13th of August. For those of you who are waiting to see the likes of Messi and Ronaldo kick a ball, you’ll need to wait a little longer as La Liga doesn’t kick off until the 19th of August.

The premier league will be more unpredictable than ever before, and that’s saying something being as Leicester City won the league last season. Manchester United have brought in some top players, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United all have new, very talented managers and the race for glory will be more competitive than ever before. Read on for some fantastic apps that will help you follow your favorite teams this season.
  1. Sky Sports for Android

    Sky Sports for Android

    The official Sky Sports app is everything you could want if you’re a football fan (or a fan of any sport for that matter). You can get loads of up-to-date news on a daily basis, follow your favorite team, check fixtures, keep track of the scores, receive live commentary and if you’re a Sky customer you can even watch the games from your Android device. While it mainly provides news about the Premier League you can still stay up-to-date with leagues from across the globe so it’s definitely worthy of a download.

  2. LaLiga - Official App

    LaLiga – Official App

    Next, we have the official app for La Liga. With it, you can follow every aspect of the league with team information, results, news, schedules, live matches and you can get notifications for your favorite teams. It’s a well-rounded app that’ll provide any La Liga fan with everything they could need or want. Don’t forget, the league kicks off in 8 days (or the 19th of August in case you’re not reading this on the 11th).

  3. Stats Zone: Football (Soccer)

    Stats Zone: Football (Soccer)

    Maybe you’re building your own fantasy football team or perhaps you’re a pundit in the making. Maybe you just like to read statistics, either way, Stats Zone has you covered. As well as being able to check scores, team sheets, fixtures and the rest you can go into so much more detail about the stats of the beautiful game. The app itself is easy to use and it’ll provide you with more information than you can shake a stick at.

  4. Football Chairman Pro

    Football Chairman Pro

    I couldn’t help but sneak a little game into this list. You might have all heard of Football Manager, but this game takes it to the next level and makes you the boss of the manager. You start off by creating your team name, choose your kit, name your stadium etc and then hire a manager. Starting from the very bottom league you then have to use your budget wisely to improve your stadium, add food/drink stalls, allow your manager to buy players and keep the club running smoothly. The aim is to work your way up to the top of the league, winning every trophy along the way. A run of bad results and you can sack the manager, but be careful else the fans will want your head on a stick instead!

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