Best Games of August 2016 like Riptide GP: Renegade & Deus Ex Go!

August has seen many games come and go through the Play Store but there have been some absolute beauties! Trying to narrow the list down to just 5 has been rather difficult as there have been so many great games to choose from, but nevertheless below are 5 fantastic games of August you should definitely check out.
And don’t worry, there is something for everyone, kids included. Whether you want to team up with the characters from Zootopia or begin forming your own story based on your decisions, you’ll find something below to quench your thirst for entertainment. So without further ado…behold the first game on our list.
  1. Little Big City 2

    Little Big City 2

    Little Big City 2 is for all of you out there who enjoy city-building. You’ll start off with a tropical island and then as you play and progress you’ll hopefully end up with a bustling metropolis. It’s a great city management simulation and there are so many possibilities and quirky things you can do that it’s definitely worth a look.

  2. Riptide GP: Renegade

    Riptide GP: Renegade

    First off I have to mention that graphically, Riptide is amazing. Like seriously, it’s great to look at and really looks top-notch on an Android tablet. The gameplay is addictive and compelling despite boiling down to being a racing game. You’ll feel your heart pumping as you speed along the icy landscapes and ultimately be left craving more.

  3. Deus Ex GO

    Deus Ex GO

    The Deus Ex series has been around for years, and for good reason too. It’s an incredible action-RPG and for those of you who own the latest consoles will probably have the latest addition. Deus Ex GO isn’t as fast-paced or story driven as it’s console brothers, but it is a fantastic puzzle game. Tension is built as you try to solve the puzzles and you will need skill and strategy to advance. All in all, it’s a must-try.

  4. Zootopia Crime Files

    Zootopia Crime Files

    Number four on our list sees us joining our furry friends from Zootopia. The game itself plays out similar to a hidden-object game as you try to find clues to solve the crimes. If you strip away the Zootopia aspect of things, you’d still be left with a visually stunning game with some great mechanics behind the scenes.

  5. Choices: Stories You Play

    Choices: Stories You Play

    Lastly we have Choices: Stories You Play. If you ever played and enjoyed Surviving High School then you’ll love this. It’s created by the same team and pits you in one of three different stories. You can either be at high school, enter a fantastical world or solve murder mysteries, all while shifting the story as you wish with your decisions and choices.

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