5 racing games that will give you an adrenaline rush

We’ve all watched the Fast & Furious movies, shaking our heads in disbelief at some of the stunts while still craving that feeling of flying down the highway at unrealistic speeds. Racing games give us that outlet without having to endanger our own lives which makes it even more worthwhile.
Image 2 5 racing games that will give you an adrenaline rush
Racing games aren’t new comers to the market. In fact the ‘Racing’ genre is one of the most tried and tested genres you’ll find and they almost always have massive success. There is something utterly rewarding about beating your opponent to the finish line and then adding an extra tank of NOS to your car. Read on below to discover some of the best Android racing games that are available and feel the adrenaline pump through your fingertips.
  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

    Asphalt 8: Airborne

    Asphalt is one of the best racing games you’ll find for Android. It benefits from looking absolutely stunning while still providing that ‘arcade’ feeling to it. You can race in different online modes which keep it interesting or you can work your way through the career mode, unlocking new cars and earning coins to upgrade your current ones. It’s a lot of fun, boasts gorgeous graphics and keeps things from feeling too repetitive.

  2. Torque Burnout

    Torque Burnout

    Torque Burnout offers a unique spin on the racing genre. Rather than just mindlessly racing to the finish line, trying to be faster than your opponent, you have to complete different missions. To begin with you’ll start out by customizing your car and then it’s good ol’ fashioned accelerating until you complete your task, some of which will have you scoring a goal. Interesting stuff.

  3. Zombie Highway 2

    Zombie Highway 2

    So there is racing against an opponent, and then there is Zombie Highway. The first member from this publisher was so well received they decided to up the ante and create Zombie Highway 2. Graphically it’s a huge improvement on its predecessor and the gameplay has improved a lot too. You basically start with a car that you drive as far as you can while avoiding obstacles and killing as many zombies that get in your way. As you progress you’ll unlock better cars and much better weapons.  It’s the perfect blend of speed and action which some might think is lacking from traditional racing.

  4. Riptide GP: Renegade

    Riptide GP: Renegade

    Next on our list is this beautiful creation. You take control of a water bike and then rip up the track as you compete to become the best racer out there. It looks amazing and the gameplay will get your palms sweating as you perform some crazy stunt to overtake your opponent. Career mode is where you can unlock new bikes and equipment but you can also assemble a team and play through the multiplayer section. It’s a great addition to racing and it’s  very refreshing to steer away from racing cars to racing highly-maneuverable machines.

  5. Traffic Rider

    Traffic Rider

    Last on our list is Traffic Rider. It might be number 5 on this list but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s worse than any of the others listed above. It’s not your standard racing game as you’re not trying to beat your opponent to a specific point however it’s an incredible game that’ll have your heart racing as you speed into the distance at over 100 MPH. You’ll take control of a motorcycle, racing against oncoming traffic as you dodge the vehicles. As you play you’ll be able to earn money to upgrade your bike or unlock new ones.

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