Best apps for making money on Android

You know that beautiful, shiny device sitting in your pocket (or in your hand)…well did you know that it doesn’t just take all of your money, it can give it back to you as well. I know that might sound a little crazy, but it is actually possible to make some dollar from your Android device.
 Image 2 Best apps for making money on Android
Below are five great apps for making money on Android. Some of them vary from answering to surveys to putting up your photos to sell. Either way, you can start reducing the size of that dent in your wallet from purchasing your device in the first place by installing some, or all, of the apps below.
  1. QuickCash


    First on our list is QuickCash. This little gem pays you to do things such as testing websites or new apps. In return for your effort you’ll be rewarded with points. 1000 points is equal to $1, which you can then withdraw into your PayPal account. The minimum withdrawal is $1 however you can save it up until there is an amount worth taking out.

  2. Google Opinion Rewards

    Google Opinion Rewards

    Now with Google Opinion Rewards, you can’t actually earn money to put into your bank however you can earn Google Play credit…so it’s virtually money in your pocket. All you have to do is answer surveys on all sorts of different topics and in return you’ll get credits to redeem against games and apps on Google Play. It’s a great way to save your own money when buying stuff from the store and the surveys don’t take long at all to complete.

  3. Appcasher


    Who doesn’t want to earn money by testing out apps. AppCasher does exactly that. You have to install and launch apps and in return you’ll start to get credits. What you do with the credit is up to you. You can either convert it into gift cards for Amazon or iTunes or you can have it transferred into your PayPal account. You’ll have to see which benefits you most, obviously if you’re always shopping on Amazon it might be better to get credit for that. You can refer friends as well and earn extra credits by having them use your special code at sign up.

  4. CashPirate - Make / Earn Money

    CashPirate – Make / Earn Money

    Similar to the apps above, this app pays you in points which you can then convert into cash. You’ll get rewarded for all sorts of things, from testing apps, playing games, referring friends and completing surveys. 1000 points is $1 and you can either have it paid into your PayPal or redeem it in the Play Store against other games.

  5. Foap - sell your photos

    Foap – sell your photos

    People these days take so many photos that they can earn a lot of money. If you have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers then you can start rolling in the cash. Another way to earn money with your photography skills is to use Foap. It’s a marketplace that allows you to upload your photos which can then be purchased by companies or other users for use anywhere. If you’re a happy snapper, why not earn a few dollars in the process.

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