Best apps of October 2016: Data Backup, Surfy Browser

The end of October usually means the end of the warm weather too (unless you’re living somewhere which is always warm!) however for most of us, we just have to enjoy the winter months as they approach. To help with this transition though, we’ve put together 5 of the best apps of October, so you can wrap yourself up in your blanket, get comfy and enjoy some great apps!

Let us know your favorite apps of October in the comments below.

  1. Pixel Icon Pack - Apex/Nova/Go

    Pixel Icon Pack – Apex/Nova/Go

    First on our list is Pixel Icon Pack. It’s a relatively simple app which allows you to customize your Android device with an array of different icons. If you want to spruce up your device then this app is the perfect tool for you to use.

  2. Data Backup

    Data Backup

    I’m sure you’ve all been there. Something has happened to your Android and for one reason or another you’ve had to perform a factory reset. The trouble with this is that you lose EVERYTHING that is on your device. Well worry not, as this handy little app allows you to safely back up all of your data. 

  3. Surfy Browser

    Surfy Browser

    No matter when you buy your device, it’ll come with Chrome pre-installed onto it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however a lot of people prefer using browsers with a bit more to offer. The Surfy Browser app allows you to surf the web privately and is packed with cool features. It makes for a great alternative search engine if you’re not feeling Chrome.

  4. PIP Camera Editor

    PIP Camera Editor

    As our smartphones improve, so does our capability to take amazing photographs. And with each passing day there seems to be a brand new app which allows you to edit your photos. PIP Camera Editor allows you to customize and edit your photos in all sorts of cool ways, so give it a try and spruce up your happy snapping today.

  5. INKHUNTER - try tattoo designs

    INKHUNTER – try tattoo designs

    If you’ve ever considered having a tattoo but aren’t too sure what it might look like, then this app is definitely for you. It allows you to try all sorts of different designs which you can then place on parts of your body (through photos) so that you can see what it’ll look like. It’s very handy if you’re unsure about a certain design. 

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