5 best reminder apps to keep you organized!

I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re sitting at home, sipping on a fresh cup of coffee, and then it dawns on you that you were supposed to meet your mother-in-law for lunch…2 hours ago. Maybe you haven’t been in that exact scenario but due to the nature of our lives, fast-paced and full of distractions, it’s too easy to get caught up in life and forget to do X, Y and Z. 

To remedy this, some very talented app developers have designed some apps specifically to remind you of certain tasks so that you never forget to do anything, ever again. Splendid right? If you use an amazing and handy app to keep your schedule and it isn’t mentioned below then make sure you let us know in the comments!

  1. Any.do: To-do List | Task List

    Any.do: To-do List | Task List

    Any.Do is a fantastic app which essentially lets you create a to-do list. The app will then remind you based on your requirements. You can set it to notify you based on a specific time of day or you can go one step further and implement location based notifications. It’s packed with cool features and is a top-quality tool to keep you on schedule.

  2. Evernote


    Evernote is up there with some of the greatest apps ever made. The app itself isn’t just for reminders but also is perfect for note taking, storing documents, photos, files and everything else you can imagine. If you want to improve your productivity then Evernote should be on your device. Of course, it’s also perfect at reminding you to do certain tasks and can go as far as emailing you reminders for safe keeping.

  3. Just Reminder

    Just Reminder

    If you purely just want an app to remind you of stuff then Just Reminder is the way to go. It’s not crammed with unnecessary features that’ll boggle your mind. You input your tasks, set a time to be reminded and boom, the app will do that for you. You can also set reminders to be recurring and if you can get passed the slightly out-dated design then it’ll work wonders for you.

  4. aCalendar - Android Calendar

    aCalendar – Android Calendar

    Unlike Just Reminder, aCalendar is packed with all sorts of different features and is a lot more advanced. On one hand it acts as a stand-alone calendar application, on the other hand it can help you organize events, set notifications, implement task reminders and so much more. Did I mention it’s also a great calendar app?

  5. Life Reminders

    Life Reminders

    Lastly on our list is Life Reminders. This is a bit more complicated than a bare-bones reminders app but doesn’t waste your time with stuff that doesn’t serve to help you. You set your tasks and the app will remind you. You can set location notifications too so if you’re heading to the shops, the app will send you your shopping list as soon as you get there.

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