Best apps of November 2016 like Ace Security Plus & Stay Wow Fitness!

So there is officially 30 more sleeps until Christmas. If that thought scares you as much as it scares me then read on to discover some apps that might distract you long enough to “forget” to purchase those presents for people. With Christmas just around the corner, the bitter cold is slowly creeping in which means it’s the perfect time to play games and find new apps. (Check back tomorrow for a post about the best games of the month!).

To keep your appetite satisfied we’ve found 5 great apps of November that are useful tools for any user. Take a look below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. Snow Live Wallpaper

    Snow Live Wallpaper

    So first up is Snow Live Wallpaper. It’s completely free and adds a snow-covered cottage to your screen. There’s also animated snow which falls and your device will look absolutely fantastic in the process. The wallpaper itself is visually stunning and shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re in need of a breath of fresh air on your Android.

  2. Ace Security Plus - Antivirus

    Ace Security Plus – Antivirus

    Next up is Ace Security Plus. This lovely little package is a great solution for all of your security needs. With the rate at which people browse and stay online today, the chances of receiving some problems are very real. To counter this, Ace Security will scan your entire device and let you know if it’s infected. And if it is, then the app will help repair the damaged files.

  3. YouTube VR

    YouTube VR

    This app is only really useful if your device supports Virtual Reality, and if you’ve purchased yourself some very nifty Daydream View Glasses. If you have both of those points covered then the Youtube VR app will give you the chance to enjoy a completely free experience. It’s basically just the standard Youtube except it’s been modified to allow for virtual reality.

  4. StayWow Fitness Social Network

    StayWow Fitness Social Network

    StayWow is a little package with a lot hiding below. It’s not just your standard social media app, while it is designed for this purpose, it also boasts several other features. These include being able to search for and save recipes, connect with like-minded people and save important images of yourself. For gym-lovers or occassional fitness freaks, this app is for you.

  5. PhotoScan by Google Photos

    PhotoScan by Google Photos

    Last up we have PhotoScan by Google Photos. This app is a life-saver if you have old photos lying around your house. The app allows you to “scan” them and upload them as a fully fledged photograph on your device. It get’s updated regularly and it’s a great way to keep your memories safe and secure.

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