5 Christmas themes and ringtones to customize your Android

If you haven’t realized it yet, now would be the time to take notice. We’re in December! And that can mean only one thing. Christmas is upon us. With less than 20 days to go until Santa comes sliding down your chimney, now is the time to get customizing your Android and embracing the festive period.

To that end, we’ve created a list of some great themes and ringtones to help you add some Christmas cheer to your device. The apps below will allow you to truly transform your Android, and who knows, that Christmas ringtone might just cheer up the odd Scrooge or two!

  1. Aero Launcher - Christmas

    Aero Launcher – Christmas

    First on our list is the powerful Aero Launcher. Rather than just being able to offer a ringtone or a wallpaper, this app boasts a bit of everything. Launchers allow many more customization tools. If you want to add ringtones, wallpapers, themes, icons and everything else in-between, then the Aero Launcher is the way forward.

  2. Christmas Radio Stations

    Christmas Radio Stations

    Next up we have something a little more festive to help perk up your mood. This app offers you the chance to listen to Christmas music, all day long if that’s what you want. Admittedly, it’s not a theme nor is it a ringtone, but it makes this list due to being a constant addition of Christmas spirit, offering charming songs that won’t get annoying…I promise.

  3. Christmas Fireplace LWP Free

    Christmas Fireplace LWP Free

    At number three comes this cozy little fireplace wallpaper. Live wallpapers are great as they offer a glimpse of life within your device. This app will definitely help you get into the Christmas spirit as the snow falls outside the window and the lights on the tree sparkle and twinkle.

  4. Christmas Ringtones and Sounds

    Christmas Ringtones and Sounds

    Now that it’s December, listening to Christmas music is a lot more justified (unlike those radio stations who were playing them early November…you know who you are!) To take things up that one step further, Christmas Ringtones and Sounds allows you to have a very charming ringtone which is, you guessed it, based on a Christmas song. Embrace the festive season and get this app today.

  5. Live Wallpaper Christmas !!!

    Live Wallpaper Christmas !!!

    Lastly, we have another wonderful live wallpaper. The scene is set perfectly and will help you feel all festive each and every time you look at your device. If you want to add a dash a randomness to your Android then you can alternate between this app and the one at number 3. Charming, cheerful and festive. What more could you want at this time of year?

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