Best Games of December 2016 Like Bully & Oceanhorn!

And so the magic of Christmas Day has been and gone, and most of us are now recovering from indulging too much food, and perhaps even a little too much to drink. So, now that we all have shiny new Android devices, it’s a good time to relax, eat some more chocolate and see what some of the best games of December 2016 are.

It’s been an excellent month for games, so whether you’re interested in the odd brain-puzzling, puzzle, or if you want some exciting adventure, we’ve got you covered. Take a look below at some of the best games this month, and if you’ve found something even more enjoyable then let us know about it in the comments.

  1. Oceanhorn ™

    Oceanhorn ™

    Oceanhorn is absolutely gorgeous to look at. It blends textures, colors and animations flawlessly to help entice you into their world. Add to that an epic adventure traveling uncharted seas, trying to find your dad who has vanished with nothing more than a mysterious letter, and a great RPG element that sees you learning magic and improving your skills, and you have a game that’ll entertain you well passed New Years!

  2. Sletters - Free Word Puzzle

    Sletters – Free Word Puzzle

    Sletters is a good brain challenge if you want to flex your mind during the holidays. The idea behind it is that you have to slide letters around to form a word or phrase, similar to the puzzles from years ago where you’d slide the squares to form a picture. It’s a fun game that’ll frustrate and amuse you for many hours, so if you like words, puzzles and solving problems, Sletters is the game for you!

  3. Stick Cricket Super League

    Stick Cricket Super League

    Moving onto the sports side of gaming with this one, Stick Cricket Super League boasts impressive graphics and a lot of customization. First you’ll need to create your character, once you’ve settled on a style you can proceed to become the captain of the cricket team and challenge for the world title. It’s fun, immersive and engrossing. 

  4. Dancing Line

    Dancing Line

    Dancing Line is part arcade game, part puzzle, and part frustration! The idea is that you control a line which gets bigger and  bigger, and as you listen to a perfect soundtrack, you’ll need to tap the screen to dodge obstacles in a world which is constantly changing and evolving as you play. The soundtrack is also immensely satisfying to listen to, which helps make the challenge more inviting.

  5. Bully: Anniversary Edition

    Bully: Anniversary Edition

    Last on our list is Bully: Anniversary Edition. If you never played this on the consoles many years ago then you missed out big time. Rockstar (the team behind Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption) released Bully, a game which puts you in the shoes of a delinquent placed into private school. There’s a great in-depth story as well as the choice to just roam the world freely. Graphically it matches the console release and the game is a must-play for almost anyone.

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