Best File Manager apps to keep your phone tidy!

Image 1 Best File Manager apps to keep your phone tidy

The longer we own our Android devices, the more cluttered they  become. It’s only natural that we download files, take photos and videos and add an array of media to them. The downside to this is that your device can end up running slowly as more RAM and memory space is used up as well as making it difficult to find things you might have downloaded 12 months ago – (check this article out for tips on how to improve the speed of your device).

The best way to sort through the mess is to use a file manager. Now in principle, every file manager is virtually the same thing. They all exist to help you, well manage your files. Some however have a couple of extra tweaks and features here and there which make them stand out among the crowd. We’ve found 5 of such apps to help you manage the files on your Android.

  1. X-plore File Manager

    X-plore File Manager

    X-Plore File manager it first on our list, and it is a very worthy opponent for any file manager to try and wrestle with. It allows you to access and navigate through your files easily thanks to an innovative and impressive design, and it comes with cloud services so you can view images, databases and anything else you might want through the cloud.

  2. File Commander

    File Commander

    File Commander isn’t a new app, in fact it has been around for quite a while. That said, it’s also one of the best you’ll find, even when compared with new releases. The interface is very simple to find your way around and it’s very precise and clear on what is presented. Simply tap on a folder of your choice (videos, documents etc) and you’ll be displayed with the locations of everything of that particular folders contents. It’s a great tool that works well with any device.

  3. ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

    ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

    Next up we have ASTRO File Manager. This app helps improve your productivity by allowing you to organize all of the content stored on your smartphone or tablet. Your device can be set to sync up regularly so all of your changes are automatically made and adjusted. Instant synchronization, file organization and more from one handy app.

  4. File Manager HD (Tablet)

    File Manager HD (Tablet)

    This little gem is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. On the surface it’s a very simple file manager app that lets you see the content on your device. But if we delve a little deeper we find a tool which is extremely convenient to use and helps you find the stuff you want easier. The default home page shows your most recent files and to find older stuff, simply go backwards through the timeline. It’s very convenient and is a wonderfully implemented feature.

  5. Solid Explorer File Manager

    Solid Explorer File Manager

    Finally we have Solid Explorer. It’s very innovative in that you are displayed with two different windows/folders at any given time. This makes it incredibly simple to select something from one folder and drag it into another. It’s a feature which stands out and adds to the immersive UI that is smooth and well designed.

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