Best games of January 2017 like Sky Dancer & Workemon!

January hasn’t disappointed in terms of high-quality games hitting the market. In fact, there have been so many excellent games this month that trying to pick just five has been a real struggle. The list below is just a sample of what is on offer, and if you want to discover loads more then head over to here to choose from over 100 of the best new games this month.

Or if you’d prefer, simply keep on reading for five of the best that we found appealed to an array of all different audiences, so you can expect anything from business simulations all the way to ballerina dancing!

  1. Ice Skating Ballerina

    Ice Skating Ballerina

    This first game will appeal more to the female audience. You have to dress up your character, followed by performing an incredible routine of ice-skating which you create yourself. You can perform, get make-overs, visit the doctor during an injury, impress the judges and much more. It’s a lot of fun although is limited to a younger audience.

  2. WorkeMon


    Workemon is incredibly creative and adds a new spin to the business management genre. You have just inherited your company and the game takes a lot of inspiration from the classic Pokemon games. You’ll bump into “wild Workemon” as you travel, get to choose a starter “Workemon” and much more, all while trying to continue the success of your business.

  3. Sky Dancer

    Sky Dancer

    Sky Dancer is a stunning game which boasts visuals that certainly won’t disappoint. It’s a new kind of running game that also features a lot of jumping, and falling, from immense heights. If you’ve ever been sky diving, or want to but haven’t yet got around to it, or if you just want to play an entertaining game, Sky Dancer is the one to get.

  4. Golf Clash

    Golf Clash

    Golf games have been popular for years, in fact all kind of sport games are always popular, however Golf Clash stands out for being a lot of fun to enjoy. It looks great for starters, boasting strong colors and high-resolution visuals, and gains merit for being an online game. So if you’ve always wanted to beat your friends at a round of golf, now you can.

  5. Little Panda Restaurant

    Little Panda Restaurant

    Lastly we have little Panda Restaurant. Similarly to the other games on this list, it looks fantastic. You get to cook all sorts of different meals from a nice variation of dishes from around the world, which you can then sell for money to cook more recipes. It’ll keep you entertained for hours and makes a great addition to any Android device.

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