Happy Valentine’s day! 5 apps that you will fall in love with!

Image 1 Happy Valentine's day! 5 apps that you will fall in love with!

Ahh…good ol’ Valentines Day is upon us once again. It’s surprising, but this day can be rather pivotal to the success of a relationship, especially during the early days, so it’s important effort is put into it. This can be rather troublesome for a lot of couples, as, and without judging or trying to call out a stereotype, many males seem to fail at the romance part.

Last minute flowers and a box of chocolates just doesn’t cut it! That said, there are many women who also aren’t all that interested in Valentines Day, so it’s swings and round about’s. The main thing is that we’ve found 5 fantastic apps that’ll help you celebrate the day or help you surround yourself with love (or love related things at least!). So read on to discover some great apps, right at your fingertips.

  1. 1-800-FLOWERS - Flowers, gifts

    1-800-FLOWERS – Flowers, gifts

    Number one on our list, and probably on many lists that are related to Valentines Day and romance, is 1-800-FLOWERS. This incredibly innovative app allows you to purchase gifts or flowers straight from the palm of your hand, and with eligible countries constantly growing (with over 150 countries supported) this app is definitely one to have on your device.

  2. Love Collage - Photo Editor

    Love Collage – Photo Editor

    Who doesn’t love a personalized photograph, especially one that is surrounded in, well…love. This app allows you to create romantic collages based on your photography which can be a very sentimental gift to your significant other on Valentines Day. There’s nothing quite like looking back on memories and surrounding them with love hearts!

  3. OpenTable - Free Reservations

    OpenTable – Free Reservations

    OpenTable is another great app for couples, although this isn’t limited just to Valentines Day. With it, you can discover restaurants nearby to you and make reservations at whichever place interests you most. The downside is that tables book up very quickly sometimes, so if you find somewhere you like make sure to get in there as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

  4. Heart Live Wallpaper lite

    Heart Live Wallpaper lite

    At number 4 on our list, we have Heart Live Wallpaper. This is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to customize and transform the wallpaper on your device to that of a moving animation of love hearts. It’s great if you want to add that loving feeling to your day every time you look at your Android smartphone or tablet.

  5. Valentine's Day Photo Frames

    Valentine’s Day Photo Frames

    Lastly we have another photography related app. This one allows you to customize your images to add cool Valentines Day frames. The benefit is that you can create really cool-looking photos that are personal and sentimental to you and your loved one. If you enjoy playing around with your photographs then this app is perfect for you.

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