5 best apps to take perfect selfies!

Taking a selfie used to just be called taking a photograph of yourself, or yourself and your friends. There wasn’t much more to it other than taking a camera and snapping a picture. In recent times however, the revolutionary term that is “Taking a selfie” has taken the world by storm.

Not only has it survived long enough to not just be a viral trend, but it’s established itself as one of the must-do actions if you’re out doing something. To help make your photography look even better, we’ve hunted down 5 of the best apps for Android to take perfect selfies…

  1. YouCam Perfect - Beauty Cam

    YouCam Perfect – Beauty Cam

    First on our list is the YouCam Perfect – Beauty Cam app. It’s designed specifically for selfie lovers and comes packed with features. Along with the general function of taking a selfie, you’ll also be able to edit your photos thanks to the detailed and feature-filled editing tools that are available. This includes things such as removing objects and beautifying your appearance. Not bad YouCam…not bad at all.

  2. Candy Camera for PhotoShop

    Candy Camera for PhotoShop

    Candy Camera is another brilliant app for selfie lovers and photographers alike, as it allows you apply nifty filters to photos in real-time, along with the option to add them to photos you’ve already taken before. It comes brimming with filters too, with over 30 different ones that you can implement and add to truly personalize your selfies.

  3. Retrica


    Retrica is the perfect all-rounder photo editing app. It has tons of filters, comes with loads of cool effects, allows you to add themes and create collages, just to name a few. It’s also incredibly easy to share your works of art through social media, directly from within the app.

  4. Prisma


    Okay, so Prisma should be on your Android device right now. No discussion necessary. The app is different to the rest as it allows you to transform your photos into absolutely stunning works of art, quite literally. There are 36 different art filters which will truly transform your selfies into paintings. The best part is you can use any photo, old or new, it makes no difference.

  5. Cymera - Camera & Photo Editor

    Cymera – Camera & Photo Editor

    Lastly we have Cymera. This beautiful little photo editor is packed with tools and features to keep any photo-loving person happy. It boasts stickers, lots and lots of stickers..lenses, filters, beautification effects, frames…I could go on and on. It’s a great app for the selfie fan and can help you produce amazing photos with very little effort.

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