Best games of February 2017 like Batman: Arkham Underworld and Tiny Gladiators!

Image 2 Best Games of February 2017

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new Android game and losing yourself for a week as you enjoy every aspect of it. Some games fit this description better, whereas others are more preferable just to pick up and play for a bit of down time now and again.

The list below consists of 5 of the best games of February and it includes some wonderful games which are addictive, immersive and above all enjoyable. Let us know your favorite in the comments below and try not to stop meeting up with friends or going to work!

  1. Bethesda® Pinball

    Bethesda® Pinball

    Bethesda are a huge company that produce some of the greatest games you’re likely to play (think Fallout and Skyrim!). Now they’ve released a pinball game which boasts aspects from all of these games, all rolled into one little app. It’s incredibly enjoyable too despite being at its core, a pinball game.

  2. Batman: Arkham Underworld

    Batman: Arkham Underworld

    Everyone loves Batman. That point can’t be argued enough. He’s just one cool dude. That said, however…if it was a choice between being Batman or creating an underworld empire that is so powerful “the Bat” can’t stop you…well I think we’d take that second option. Dominate territory and build up your empire, all while trying to keep Batman from spoiling your fun. A perfect blend of action and strategy.

  3. Heroes Evolved

    Heroes Evolved

    Become the ultimate hero in this fantasy adventure game where you’ll need to take sides between the Ancients and the Eternals. You can earn money as you progress to buy upgrades, powerful weapons and allies and your main focus will be trying to destroy the enemy and their towers. Endless fun without having to get too complicated.

  4. WWE: Champions

    WWE: Champions

    Any wrestling fan will love this game. It’s part RPG, part match-3 and part awesome. You need to build up a team of legendary WWE stars and take to the ring to earn that legendary status. You’ll earn XP as you play which you can use to improve your team of wrestlers and you can even take it online and play 1-on-1 or tag team matches.

  5. Tiny Gladiators

    Tiny Gladiators

    Sticking with the slight RPG theme that WWE Champions presents, we have Tiny Gladiators. This is a must-have game for anyone that enjoys upgrading characters and action-packed fun. You’ll have to defeat powerful enemies on your quest of vengeance as well as equip better armor and weaponry. It’s a great game that deserves to be enjoyed for at least an hour…

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