5 best apps to sell unwanted stuff!

Image 2 5 best apps to sell unwanted stuff

As we progress through life, we buy an assortment of things which we probably don’t always need or most of the time even use. Luckily, thanks to the age of the smartphone, we have the power at our fingertips to help earn some extra money with our stuff.

Rather than let your garage or basement fill up with unwanted stuff that hasn’t been used in years, take a look at the apps below and see if you can list your items to get some money back.

  1. letgo: Sell & Buy Stuff

    letgo: Sell & Buy Stuff

    Letgo is a great app to play with if you have stuff you want to get rid of (or buy). You can filter things easily so you can find items within a close proximity to you and then negotiate and chat directly with the seller. It works very well and listing your own items is simple and relatively easy to accomplish. The app has over 10 million downloads so you can rest assured a lot of eyes might see your goods.

  2. 5miles Buy. Sell. Classifieds.

    5miles Buy. Sell. Classifieds.

    Next up we have 5miles. This app works similarly to platforms such as craigslist and enables you to easily list items you want to sell and they’ll be available to people who live locally to yourself. This is both a benefit and a negative aspect of the app. It’s useful to be able to find buyers nearby however this also limits the people who may see your listing.

  3. eBay


    eBay doesn’t need an introduction. If you haven’t heard of it, you probably don’t have a device to read this article on…however, just in case you didn’t know, eBay is a huge platform that has both new and second-hand listings on from people from all over the world. You can list your stuff for auction and try to get a good price or you set fixed-prices for what you think your stuff is worth. It’s a massively popular and used store and can help you sell things easily.

  4. OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Offer Up

    OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Offer Up

    OfferUp can come across relatively simple, especially when compared to other apps on the market, however it’s a great tool that allows you to weed out the scammers thanks to a reputation system. It’s a great app if you are only looking to sell one or two items, although if you have a bulk of stuff you might want to consider something more complex and feature-packed.

  5. VarageSale: Buy. Sell. Local.

    VarageSale: Buy. Sell. Local.

    VarageSale is a shopping app which is designed for people who enjoy knowing who they are buying from and selling to. You’re required to sign in with Facebook so scammers are a lot less frequent as you can check peoples profiles out and decide whether they seem dodgy or not. You simply list your items and ship locally in your area, as well as elsewhere if you’d like. It’s one of the better apps for selling your stuff on and should be tried out, especially if you’re not keen on the apps mentioned above.

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