Super Mario Run: Tips and tricks on how to become the best!

Image 1 Super Mario Run: Tips and tricks on how to become the best!

Super Mario Run is without doubt one of the most entertaining and addictive games to hit the Play Store in a good while. Originally only released on iOS, this gem has been available on Android since the 22nd of March and you should definitely play it.

The first three levels of Mario’s running adventure are completely free to play, which is then followed up by a $10 purchase if you want the full game. You don’t have to pay, you can continue playing the first three levels over and over, but you’ll soon find it hard to resist the urge to splurge and spend your cash. The full game is worth it!

To help you get started, or to help you master the game and become the best player around, take a look at some of the tips and tricks below.


The standard way of interacting with Mario is by tapping the screen. This will make him jump in the air (he will continuously run automatically). Jumping is incredibly important if you want to make it to the end of the stage, as well as in order to collect all of the coins.

Following this will be a longer jump. You’ll need to master this as it will become the lifeblood of your survival. Simply tap and hold your finger on the screen to perform one of these long jumps.

Mario will also automatically jump over small obstacles, which can be incredibly handy.

If you decide to mistime a jump and find yourself hitting a wall (especially a wall which is next to a bottomless pit into doom) then tap the screen as you hit the wall to jump backwards. It’s a neat trick which will keep your game time above ground and not descending into the unknown, otherwise known as game over.

Pause Blocks

These handy little blocks will pause time and stop Mario in his tracks. They are essential if you want to make it passed a difficult obstacle or if you cant quite keep up with the plumber. The game will stay paused for the entire duration you are standing on the block so take the time to plan your next move and catch your breath.

Bubble Trouble

Image 3 Super Mario Run: Tips and tricks on how to become the best!

If you end up getting KO’d then, very conveniently, you can rewind time inside of a bubble. This is useful for remedying your mistake or getting coins you might have missed. The downside is that the timer continues to countdown while you are rewinding in your bubble, so make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself and end up running out of time!

Different Playable Characters!

Yeah you didn’t think Mario was the only star of the show did you? You can unlock other characters, which at the moment are:

– Luigi
– Toadette 
– Yoshi 

The criteria for unlocking these characters varies, although it all comes down to how many toads you collect. You want to collect as many as you can, as by getting X amount of one color, X amount of another etc, you can purchase the houses for the above characters and bring them into your game.

Other characters are unlockable too by expanding your kingdom and making your way through the game. To that end, it’s important you always try to collect as many coins as you can.


There’s no point in unlocking your characters but never using them. They all have a different trait to add (for example, Toad is the fastest character in the game). To do this simply go to your kingdom, tap “Menu” –> “Notebook” –> “Characters” and then choose which player you want to play as.

**You can also unlock Princess Peach; if you can complete the entire game on World Tour mode.**

Level up your enemies!

As you stomp on the heads of those Goombas, you’ll notice a meter filling up at the end of each level. When this is full, you can level them up. This in turn means you earn more coins when you eliminate them from the level. It’s a win-win situation for you.

And there you have it. Some useful tips to help you improve your skills and get the most out of the game. There are other hidden secrets (such as the 360 degree jump, where you tap the screen again when Mario is mid-air to grab an extra second or two of air time). If you haven’t already got it, download this awesome game with the link below and start building your kingdom!

  1. Super Mario Run

    Super Mario Run

    Help Mario ge through levels full of obstacles and enemies in order to rescue the princess from the evil Bowser.

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