Best Lite android apps to save memory and data!

Image 1 Best Lite android apps to save memory and data!

Despite the fact that most smartphones and other Android devices are similar to a small super computer in our pockets, they can soon run of out memory, data and slow down tremendously with their RAM being eaten up.

This is even more so if you own and use an older device. One of the main reasons for this is because a lot of developers make their apps full of bells and whistles to appeal to a wider audience. If an app or game is feature-packed then there is more chance of it being successful with an audience.

That said, there are some apps which really don’t need to be overly complicated. For this reason, we’ve found 5 fantastic apps which are Lite versions of their memory eating counter-parts. That means the app serves the purpose it needs to, but without unnecessary tricks and graphics.

  1. Messenger Lite

    Messenger Lite

    Messenger Lite is a great example of what a Lite app can be. It’s much smaller in file size, doesn’t erode your devices RAM and still perfectly serves its purpose, which is, to message your Facebook friends. Being social doesn’t need to be complicated. With this app, you can send and receive messages with ease. 

  2. 360 Security Lite – Smaller

    360 Security Lite – Smaller

    360 Security Lite allows you to enhance or prolong your devices battery life, as well as improving the overall performance and keeping your Android safe from malware and viruses. It can also erase junk which sits there idly taking up space. Not bad for a Lite app. It’s lightweight, practical and a great tool for any Android user. 

  3. Facebook Lite

    Facebook Lite

    Good ol’ Facebook. It’s a beast of an app which takes up masses of memory on your device. There’s also no need for a lot of the fancy features and offerings which it provides. Facebook Lite is a great app for communication, checking up on your friends and posting updates. It operates very similarly to the usual app but in a much smaller package.

  4. UC Browser Mini for Android

    UC Browser Mini for Android

    Next there is UC Browser Mini. This is the Lite version of the very popular browser for Android and it allows users to download songs and watch videos directly from their device. You can also create shortcuts to websites, surf anonymously and browse in a “Speed Mode”.

  5. Camera360 Lite

    Camera360 Lite

    Lastly is Camera360 Lite. Camera apps can take up a lot of space, mainly because today’s photography apps have been revved up extensively to boast hundreds of filters and effects as well as other things. Camera360 Lite still offers filters so optimizing your photos isn’t an issue, and you can still share the finished result. You can just enjoy more memory and data on your device.

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