Best Nintendo Apps and Games for your Android

Image 1 Best Nintendo Apps and Games for your Android

Nintendo used to be the king of the consoles. GameBoy’s, Nintendo DS’s…even the Nintendo Wii was innovative and groundbreaking. The trouble is that people got a little bored with what Nintendo offered, and the subsequent consoles flopped and sales dropped heavily.

That all changed thanks to the innovative idea to bring Pokemon back, and with Pokemon GO, a hugely successful game took over all of our lives. Okay, so the game alone wasn’t the thing that saved Nintendo, I mean, it is Nintendo after all, but still it certainly helped them gain some traction.

Below we have 5 games or apps which any Nintendo fan should have on their device already, and if not, don’t worry, you can simply download them now!

  1. Nintendo Switch Parental Cont…

    Nintendo Switch Parental Cont…

    There is every chance your children, or your partner…or even yourself, has become addicted to playing the Nintendo Switch console. It’s revolutionary and definitely is something that can provide hours of fun. This app, which requires the Nintendo Switch, allows you to implement parental controls to ensure that if you want family time or if you want to make sure they aren’t always playing it, you can adjust things with the app.

  2. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    RPG adventures are a lot of fun and can immerse you into a fantasy world of bravery, monsters and saving the universe. Or something like that. The Fire Emblem series is immensely popular and for good reason, it’s a great game. Enjoy turn-based battles, improve your heroes and become a powerful group to save the world from evil.

  3. Miitomo


    Miitomo was the first app Nintendo released for Android, and it was met with mixed feelings. Some people thought a Pokemon entry would have been beneficial, others welcomed the social network that is Miitomo. You can customize your Mii and take part in mini-games. It’s a fun way to chat with your friends and you can take photos to share.

  4. Super Mario Run

    Super Mario Run

    Super Mario paved the way for some of the best platform adventure games that you’re likely to play, and they are all thanks to Nintendo. Super Mario Run is the latest addition to the Mario universe and it’s incredibly addictive. Run through levels while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins to expand your Mushroom Kingdom.

  5. Pokémon GO

    Pokémon GO

    Pokemon…this franchise has influenced the lives of generations, starting back in the early 90’s on the GameBoy and now the latest addition to Android. Pokemon Go involves you traveling the real world to find Pokemon, catch them and battle gym leaders. It’s immersive, interactive and a fantastic way of combining exercise and gaming to keep it fun.

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