Best apps of April 2017 like Microsoft To-Do & BatON!

Image 2 Best apps of April 2017

April is a wonderful month. The weather starts to get warmer, trees begin to blossom and above all else, some great Android apps and games get released.

To help you discover these magical gems, we’ve comprised a list of 5 of the best Android apps of April, from YouTube to cool art filters, you’re sure to find something to take your fancy.

If you’ve discovered a great new Android app for April and it isn’t in this list, let us know about it in the comments.

  1. Microsoft To-Do

    Microsoft To-Do

    First on our list is Microsoft To-Do. This wonderful little app makes it incredibly easy for you to plan your day. It’s intuitive and has a great user-interface, meaning you can easily make lists and be productive with your time. Whether you have a huge school project to work on or if you just want to improve your time-management, Microsoft To-Do is the app for you.

  2. YouTube TV - Watch & Record TV

    YouTube TV – Watch & Record TV

    Although currently limited to a few US states, this app is a brilliant addition to anyone who enjoys watching media and live TV. There is a $35 subscription fee, but you can have 6 accounts per 1 membership (which works out at $5 per person) and you can access a huge library of live content at your fingertips. 

  3. BatON


    BatON is a useful tool that is designed to keep you informed about Bluetooth devices that are connected to your Android device. The main focus point is to keep you updated on battery levels and it can connect to smartwatches, headsets and anything else Bluetooth. It’s a great app for people who rely on Bluetooth devices on a daily basis.

  4. Mesh: Make New Friends

    Mesh: Make New Friends

    Mesh is a new social platform that allows you to make new friends via video chat. There’s no particular focus for who can use it, so whether you’re looking for love, friendship or just want to meet someone to chat with for an hour, Mesh can cater for you. You can even search for people with similar interests to help get your conversations started.

  5. Painnt - Pro Art Filters

    Painnt – Pro Art Filters

    Lastly is Painnt – Pro Art Filters. It boasts more than 130 different filters which you can apply to your photos and you can tweak them to add further customization. There is a high level of versatility so subtle or grand changes can be made and you can share your masterpieces through different social networks and apps.

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