Best Apps To Make This Mother’s Day memorable

Image 1 Best Apps To Make This Mother's Day memorable

Okay, so Android smartphones, watches, tablets and anything else technology-based shouldn’t become the forefront of Mother’s Day, after all, it is all about your mom. That said, the day can be made more memorable and enjoyable with the help of a bit of forward planning and an Android device of some variety.

Below are 5 of the best apps which are great for many different occasions, and luckily for us that includes Mother’s Day. Take a look below and give your mom a day she deserves. 

  1. 1-800-FLOWERS - Flowers, gifts

    1-800-FLOWERS – Flowers, gifts

    If you want to get your mom some flowers, 1-800-FLOWERS is the app you should use. It’s supported in over 195 countries and you can select from an overwhelming amount of flowers. You can also select the arrangements and other flower options before deciding on the date of delivery. Flowers are the backbone of any good Mother’s Day, so make sure to sort yours out!

  2. Groupon - Daily Deals, Coupons

    Groupon – Daily Deals, Coupons

    If you start using Groupon today, as in right now, then you can find some unbelievably good deals for Mother’s Day. You select your area and the app will display all of the best deals currently around. You can get heavy discounts on spas, restaurants, hotels and much more. It’s a great app which should become a part of your lifestyle if you want to save money.

  3. Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout

    Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout

    You want to treat your mom to a nice meal, but you don’t want to eat out, and you also can’t cook so you don’t want to make it yourself. What’s the answer? Eat24. This app offers you food from all of your local restaurants and takeaways (providing they’re listed on the app) and you can simply find what you fancy and get it delivered to your door. Convenience at your fingertips.

  4. PicsArt Photo Studio

    PicsArt Photo Studio

    If you’ve got the flowers ordered the next thing you can do with is a wonderful photo, something showcasing a memory your mom will appreciate and hold dear. PicsArt can’t help you find a memory, but it can help you transform a photo (or group of photos) into something your mom will probably get a little teary about. And we all know the rules, if you can make your mom emotional with love on Mother’s Day, you win the game.

  5. Etsy: Handmade & Vintage Goods

    Etsy: Handmade & Vintage Goods

    Last on our list is Etsy. You might be wondering what good it is for Mother’s Day, and in turn I have the answer. If you’re creative, you can find materials here pretty cheap to craft your own unique gift for your mom, however if you’re not creative, the app is still good for you. You can browse and discover hundreds of homemade, handmade gifts that are much better than commercial products. Put some thought into it and try Etsy.

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