5 best quiz and trivia games for Android

Image 1 5 best quiz games for Android

Quiz and trivia games have been around since the dawn of gaming. They allow us to test our knowledge and have constantly improved to become enjoyable yet fun methods of putting our knowledge into practice, but also to learn new information in a fun way.

We’ve found 5 of the best quiz games on Android right now that you definitely should try and play if you enjoy a puzzle for your mind.

  1. Logo Quiz

    Logo Quiz

    First on our list is the Logo Quiz. This game quickly spawned many clones and additions which include thousands of different “Guess the…” style puzzles, however the Logo Quiz is one of the best ones you can play. The aim is to try and guess what the logo is from seeing a small portion or unfinished version of it. It’s very simple but surprisingly addictive.

  2. 94%


    If you enjoy puzzle games, 94% should be on your device. You’ll be presented with many simple questions which will involve either a phrase, word or image and you need to guess the answer with the highest vote. When you get 94% you’ll pass the phase and unlock new levels.

  3. QuizUp


    QuizUp is a fantastic quiz game which allows you to play against your friends, family and hundreds of thousands of strangers from across the globe. You pick a subject or topic and then face off against an opponent. You’ll have the same questions and a time limit to answer each one. The person with the highest score wins.

  4. Trivia Crack

    Trivia Crack

    Test your knowledge of sport, entertainment, geography, art, history or science against your friends or strangers in Trivia Crack. The winner is the person who can answer the most questions correctly and the game itself is a great way of testing your general knowledge skills.

  5. Draw Something Free

    Draw Something Free

    Lastly we have Draw Something. This might be quite old but it’s regularly updated (and there is a sequel) although the original is what dominated the charts for a long, long time. You challenge friends or strangers and have to choose from a list of 3, something to draw. Each thing is worth different coins, and you have to draw it good enough for your opponent to guess. If they guess right, you get the coins. It’s fun, addictive and simple.

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