Best Games of June 2017 like Altered Beast and Cars: Lightning League!

Best Games of June 2017

Our final post of June features some of the best games of the month. That means you can have a little read below, download a few of them and then kickback with your sunglasses on and enjoy the sun. And if on the odd chance you’re not experiencing lovely warm temperatures and a bit of sunshine, then you can still enjoy playing some great games.

We’ve got a little something for everyone, with huge titles like Cars: Lightning League (because we all love racing) and games more directed towards the arcade fans in the world, such as Rider. Take a look below and enjoy each of them.

  1. Altered Beast

    Altered Beast

    First on our list is a classic from Sega. Altered Beast is an amazing beat-em’-up kind of game which boasts retro graphics, addictive gameplay and as much action as you’d expect from the old school fighting games we all know and love. Fight your way through Hell and see if you can come out unscathed on the other side…

  2. Cars: Lightning League

    Cars: Lightning League

    Disney are the kings of mastering movies we all love and watch again and again. Cars is no exception, hence why movie number 3 is upon us. Cars: Lightning League is a game to accompany the third installment and sees you upgrading, improving and assembling a garage of legendary racers. Blitz through tracks from the movie and break speed records as you set out to become the number one racer.

  3. The Floor Is Lava

    The Floor Is Lava

    The Floor Is Lava is a silly but fun game which is inspired by real-life. The hit craze involves walking along in your daily life, and at any moment someone could shout that the floor is lava and you have to jump onto something else. In the game, you are based in your living room and have to move around but as soon as the floor turns to lava you need to jump up. It’s fun, quirky and very simple.

  4. Rider


    Perform incredible and crazy stunts as you zoom through the world of Rider. It’s endless and all you need to do is perform as many insane flips and tricks as you can. It may sound simple, but it’s insanely addictive and will have you flipping for hours. It also boasts an amazing graphic style.

  5. Heartbreak Girl

    Heartbreak Girl

    Heartbreak Girl is the last game of our list, and if you’re into high school adventures then it’s the game for you. Unfortunately you’ve found yourself in the friend zone and it’s down to you to try and get yourself out it. It’s fun,  engrossing and rather addictive too.

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