5 Apps to Retouch Your Photos

5 Apps to Retouch Your Photos

The progression of smartphones and devices has enabled us as a population to wield the power of photography in the palm of our hands. The technology we use is constantly improving and enhancing, causing an endless battle for the best photo editor app out there.

The trouble for us lies in trying to actually find which app to use. Where we once had to buy expensive cameras we now only need one device, and a very good app. We’ve scoured the Play Store to ensure that you can simply discover 5 of the best apps to retouch your photos. Check out the list below to find the tools you need to transform your imagery.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    Adobe is a powerhouse on any desktop computer or laptop and they’ve transferred their knowledge and ability to the Android market too. While you won’t get the features, fluidity and power of the computer software, their photo editor apps for Android are as close to perfect as you can  get.

  2. Fotor Photo Editor

    Fotor Photo Editor

    Fotor Photo Editor acts as a platform for enhancing, editing and adjusting your photos whether you’re a complete novice or a professional photographer. It boasts editing tools, hundreds of filters, stickers, texts, frames and so much more. All you need to edit your photos, in the palm of your hand.

  3. Photo Effects Pro

    Photo Effects Pro

    Next up we have Photo Effects Pro. This app allows you to add a vast array of different filters or effects to your pictures with the touch of a button. You have the choice of over 40 different filters and you can add additional imagery over the top of your photos. It’s a great all-round app and shouldn’t be overlooked.

  4. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

    Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

    Pixlr Express comes in at 4th on our list and is a great app for improving the quality of your photos. You can do simple things such as whiten teeth or correct red-eye as well as more sophisticated things, along with over 600 special effects too. It’s definitely worth trying and consistently finds it’s way to any list regarding photo editing.

  5. Snapseed


    Last on our list is Snapseed. Google “snapped” this app up a few years ago and have unleashed their creative prowess (and unlimited resources) to help it evolve and grow into what it is right now. There is a great social aspect to it as well thanks to the Google side of things and it is packed with features. Best of all, it’s 100% free.

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