Best Traffic Apps for Android: Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic, Driving Route Finder


Getting lost on the road or finding yourself in a huge traffic jam should, theoretically, be a thing of the past. This is thanks to the vast amount of Android traffic apps we have at our fingertips and can easily access on your devices. Of course, some things aren’t avoidable however if you find yourself with a couple of traffic apps for Android then you’ve got no excuses for that long-journey to the in-laws.

We’ve of course scoured the Play Store to ensure we find the highest quality traffic apps on offer for you to enjoy. So take a look through the list below and discover a wealth of transport information in the palm of your hand.

  1. Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

    Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

    First on our list is Waze. This wonderful app not only gives you access to traffic information but also acts as a GPS navigation platform. One of the best features is that all users can input information as they travel, so if you happen upon an accident or traffic jam, you can let everyone else know. This information is almost instantly uploaded too so other users can avoid traffic issues in real-time. It’s also packed with other features too such as notifying your friends or family when you arrive somewhere.

  2. Driving Route Finder

    Driving Route Finder

    Driving Route Finder is a fantastic traffic app, even if it isn’t all that well-known. One of the major benefits is that you can drag and drop pins to create your route. A green pin where you want to start and a red one where you want to finish. The app will find the best route and avoid congestion, accidents and everything else in-between.

  3. Maps


    No traffic apps list would, or could, be complete without the addition of Google Maps. The app is constantly updated with the latest information and you can access everything from restaurants to precise street addresses. It has voice recognition, lets you create routes, explore with a “Street View” and much more.

  4. HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS

    HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS

    HERE is a huge competitor to Google Maps, and probably only one a few apps which come anywhere close to the detail on offer. It has maps you can download and access offline, provides information on over 800 cities and acts as a GPS system at the same time. Finding your way from A to B has never been easier.

  5. Polaris GPS Navigation

    Polaris GPS Navigation

    Last on our list is Polaris GPS Navigation. It makes for a mean traffic app and definitely deserves its place on any list. One of the major features is that it implements almost every major map system you can think of. So that means Google Maps, Cycle Maps, OpenStreetMaps and more. The benefit is that you’ll never struggle to plan and find your way around places thanks to a detailed and intricate mapping system.

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