Five Best Apps to Launch Your Freelancing Career Full-Time

Image 1 Five best apps to get into freelancing

Thanks to the advancements of technology, the idea of working from home is now easier than ever. Whether you work 9-5 already, are a student wanting to make some extra cash or if you genuinely want to try and pursue a freelance career working from your own home, all of this is possible by becoming a freelancer.

There are multiple different avenues to get into freelance work and depending on what skills you can offer, you could get paid handsomely for your time. You could find work as a writer, graphic designer, translator and everything else in-between.

Below we’ve found 5 of the best apps to help you get into the freelance world, although most of them also have desktop marketplaces which is usually a better place to start. Take a look at the tools below and get earning extra cash today.

  1. Upwork: Easily connect on the go

    Upwork: Easily connect on the go

    One of the most reputable and well-known freelance marketplaces is Upwork. It’s formerly known as Odesk and E-lance and has thousands of jobs posted every day for people who have the skills. The app lets you message clients as well as stay on top of interview invitations. As stated above though, you’ll have to sign-up and look for work via the desktop site.

  2. Fiverr - Freelance Services

    Fiverr – Freelance Services

    Fiverr is another well-known site for finding freelance work, however to start with the earnings can be very low. The idea behind it is that you post a service and people will find you and hire you. This is the best app for the more “out there” kind of jobs, although there’s also a huge market for people who teach languages, write, design graphics etc. As you progress with clients you’ll be able to add extras to earn additional money too.

  3. Freelancer - Hire & Find Jobs

    Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs

    Freelancer is next on our list. Similar to Upwork, this app allows you to find side-jobs to increase your income. You’ll be able to filter through the different jobs on offer and discover all sorts to suit your skills. It might not be the most well-known service but there’s a lot of potential to earn some money.

  4. Search Jobs & Hire Freelancer

    Search Jobs & Hire Freelancer

    If you’re a freelancer, or wanna be freelancer then you can use this app to discover thousands of potential openings to improve your financial situation. You shouldn’t expect instant riches, although if you’re patient and don’t mind slowly building up your portfolio then you’ll definitely be able to gradually charge more, work from home more and all-in-all earn more money through freelance work.

  5. LinkedIn Job Search

    LinkedIn Job Search

    Last on our list in LinkedIn Job Search. LinkedIn isn’t a stranger to people or businesses and by using it you can find a wealth of clients at your fingertips. You can search for and apply for jobs, get notified when people get in touch with you and build up a great network and reputation.

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