Five Must-Have Apps for the Working Photographer

Image 1 Five Must-Have Apps for the Working Photographer

If you’ve ever wanted to get into photography then it has never been easier than it is right now. Thanks to the advancement of Android apps and technology, we no longer need to spend hours, days or weeks processing images and then desperately trying to market everything to get an audience.

If you’re a budding photographer or a master in the field, these apps below could be like gold to help transform your hobby or career into a successful venture, all from the palm of your hand.

  1. Google Earth

    Google Earth

    First on our list is Google Earth. You might wonder how this helps with photography, however it can be one of the most useful tools you own. With it, you can scout out venues and locations to shoot as well as discover an array of places you probably never thought of. You can also walk around and access areas from all over the world.

  2. VSCO Cam®

    VSCO Cam®

    VSCO Cam is a widely used photo editing app for Android and iOS which lets you edit and adjust the images you capture on-the-go. You can adjust all sorts of settings including contrast and orientation, as well as being able to compare before and afters for each image. It’s a great app with a vast amount of filters to choose from.

  3. Adobe Lightroom

    Adobe Lightroom

    Adobe Lightroom is one of the most high-tech apps you’ll come across when it comes to editing your photos from your device. You have a HUGE assortment of features and options available to choose from, as well as the option to edit things in their “raw” type rather than a JPEG file. This brings you further capabilities for enhancing your images.

  4. Facetune


    Facetune isn’t free, but it is an essential and powerful tool that combines all the sophisticated features of Photoshop with it’s own amazing capabilities. The end result is something any photographer worth their salt should play around with and experience, especially if the bulk of your photography involves faces.

  5. Instagram


    Instagram takes the final spot on our list, although not for the filter aspect of the app. Instagram is an amazing, and in some cases essential, app for people who want their photography to be out in the open world. It lets you share your creations with the masses and you can actually earn money in the long-run if you gather quite the following.

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