Best Games of October 2017 like Stranger Things, Darts of Fury and Batman: The Enemy Within!

Best Games of October 2017

Games are constantly being released and as technology improves, so does the quality of our mobile gaming. If you compare the complexity of Android games today to what they used to be when smartphones were just starting off, you’d be amazed at the difference.

We’ve scoured the Play Store to find you 5 of the very best Android games of October 2017 that all look, feel and play fantastically. Whether you’re an action fan or prefer sport themed entertainment, you’ll find what you want below.

  1. Darts of Fury

    Darts of Fury

    Kicking us off first is the sports game, Darts of Fury. First of all it is graphically stunning. It boasts vibrant colors and really catches your eye. On-top of that it gives you the power of a dart game in the palm of your hand. You’ll face real people from around the world in a great multiplayer system and the game play is virtually flawless.

  2. Dragon Hills 2

    Dragon Hills 2

    If you want insane fun on command then look no further than Dragon Hills 2. At first glance it might look incredibly chaotic but the reality is this action/adventure/platform hybrid which also features elements of RPGs with an upgrade system, is incredibly simple to play. You can get straight into the fun almost instantly.

  3. Home Street

    Home Street

    Since games like The Sims first graced our computers back in the year 2000 (seventeen years ago! Really!?) life simulation games have become all the rage. Home Street adds to that by allowing you to create a character, design your dream house and then play through amazing stories while building up friendships with an amazing community.

  4. Batman: The Enemy Within

    Batman: The Enemy Within

    Batman: The Enemy Within is the latest installment by developers Telltale Games, who produce highly polished gaming where choices made by you influence everything. As you play through the story as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, you’ll have to make choices that can impact and change the way the entire story plays out. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be desperate for more.

  5. Stranger Things: The Game

    Stranger Things: The Game

    Last on our list is Stranger Things: The Game. This gem features retro graphics in the form of an 8-bit pixel dreamland and puts you in the shoes of various characters from Stranger Things. You’ll need to solve puzzles and try to unravel the mysteries of Hawkins in this game rich in story and entertainment.

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