Microsoft’s Top Apps for Android like Outlook, Skype & OneDrive!

Image 2 Best Microsoft apps for Android

Microsoft dominated the entire world at one point, with every desktop running a version of Windows. Today it is still a powerhouse for desktop computers and laptops although Microsoft never really got started with mobile technology.

Despite its best efforts, Windows Phones never really managed to make a dent in the industry and as such Microsoft are planning to put more of its resources into their apps for Android. We’ve found 5 great Microsoft apps which any Android user can take full advantage of.

  1. Skype - free IM & video calls

    Skype – free IM & video calls

    Everybody has heard of Skype. Even in a world where you can easily video chat with friends through a vast array of different applications, Skype still manages to be the number one communication tool for people to use. It easily allows you to video chat with friends and family all over the world and can be run on computers, smartphones and tablets.

  2. Microsoft Outlook Preview

    Microsoft Outlook Preview

    If you want to manage one or several Microsoft e-mail accounts on your Android, then this is the app to do it. You can receive, compose and respond to e-mails with the tap of your screen and you can attach media and the like just as if you were in a browser. You can also synchronize your account with your contacts and calendar. Overall it’s a great tool to use.

  3. Cortana – Digital assistant

    Cortana – Digital assistant

    Virtual or digital assistants have been on the rise since iOS launched Siri. While nothing is quite as good as Siri, Android does have a few options (including Google Assistant). Cortana is Microsoft’s version, which is a personal assistant that answers questions, obeys commands and can give you personal replies. It can be controlled by voice too which makes it a great little asset to use.

  4. Microsoft Launcher

    Microsoft Launcher

    If you want to transform your device with a stunning theme then the Microsoft Launcher is for you. It offers a vast array of options to personalize your device and is packed with icons and widgets too. Of all the launchers floating around on the store, Microsoft Launcher is definitely one of the favorites.

  5. OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

    OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

    OneDrive gives you a way of uploading and storing all of your digital content up in the clouds. This can include any and all media, photos, documents and anything else in-between. You simply sync up to OneDrive and away it all goes. It’s great way of securely storing your contents and allows you to free up valuable memory on your device.

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